Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kermit's Cousin Is Moving In

Yesterday when I opened the back door to go outside, I was greeted by this frog. I can't remember why I was going outside in the 90 degree heat, certainly not to sweep the patio, but probably to sit and watch the weeds grow. This image makes the frog appear larger than it actually is. I noticed today that it had moved up about 4 inches and as I got closer to take this shot, I also noticed that it might be wedged between the screen and the slats on the door. Worried that the poor thing might die right there in my door, I quickly got a stick and wedged it under the other slat to loosen the screen. No movement. I even got a spoon and dropped water on it, thinking that would help him slide down and hop away or leap away. That's right, rabbits hop and frogs leap. Still no movement. I mentioned my conundrum this morning in my Bible study, but they really didn't have any answers as to how to humanely remove it. My niece (CT) offered a solution by putting my hand underneath and prying it out with a stick. I really can't stand the thought of that cute, little slimy thing falling in my hand. I guess I could cut the screen, but that wouldn't be the fiscally responsible thing to do. I really don't want to buy a new door and then pay someone to install it because my husband is not Bob Vila. God love him.

So I wait...hoping that he will just slide down and leap off, instead of going to his GREAT REWARD in my door.

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