Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's not even 11 a.m. and things aren't getting any better. This morning at 4:15 I woke up. I tried and tried to go back to sleep, but my mind started ... Usually when this happens, I just turn on the television and I fall back to sleep. But this morning was different. I turned on the t.v. and this is what I saw. 

I couldn't read the small print, so damn if I didn't have to get out of bed to read it. Then it hit me. Comcast had been sending letters warning me that this was "probably" going to happen. I thought it was a marketing ploy, like the ones they send every other day to try to entice me into something called Xfinity. All I want is basic cable. Nothing fancy. So now I was angry because I knew this would involve calling the know. 

Now I was really awake. What was I going to do? Fortunately, I had a book that a friend loaned me, within arms reach. For an hour or so, I read the book. I don't know why, I've read this book before and I know what 's going to happen. The author writes about South Carolina and the islands between Litchfield and Charleston. I was already several chapters into the book before I realized that just maybe I've read this book before. Just to make sure, I continued reading, and now I'm sure I've read it. I can't stop now. If you're laughing, thinking how stupid I am, I ask you, "How many times have you watched The Miracle on 34th Street? or Where The Boys Are? or Gone With The Wind?" I rest my case. 

Let's see. So far I woke up three hours early, the t.v. doesn't work and I'm reading a book that I've already read. Things were grim until I remembered that I had a chocolate croissant waiting for me! That and coke would really perk things up. So I scampered downstairs, grabbed the pastry, poured a juice glass of coke, plopped on the sofa and turned on the tube. The thought did cross my mind to fix Tom's breakfast, but heck, he loves Sugar Corn Pops, and who was I to ruin his morning? So I stayed on the sofa, but at least, I did turn on Fox so he could get the conservative point of view of the day's happenings. He loves Fox, or is it Gretchen?

Well one thing led to another. Tom left for work, Good Morning America came on, I cat-napped, Kelly came on, I cat-napped and then gave up and decided to get some things done. The internet was calling, so I checked my emails, read several blogs, wrote an email to Cynthia, started writing my blog, and was interrupted by a handsome Salvadorian named Elmer who was coming to pick up a check for the sprinklers that he installed in November. When he came a few minutes ago, I asked him why he didn't come in January to get the check, and he said he was in Salvador. It seems that he is married and his young, 21 year old, wife lives there and he visits several times a year. Elmer is 37. There's more but I'll stop now. 

I'm sure things will get better. I'm going to Pike's Nursery where I'm going to try to convince them to give me yesterday's deal on a Japanese Maple tree. I've got to learn to read the ENTIRE ad and not just the large print. It seems that they are going to begin giving daily deals and the tree was yesterday's. Keep your fingers crossed. Things have go to get better. Now. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It appears that absolutely everyone in the blogisphere is posting images of beautiful flowers growing in their yards...ahem...Holly. Not being able to sustain all of this pressure on my shoulders, I decided to venture into my backyard. I haven't really stepped in the backyard since maybe November. Honest. 

The Bradford Pear Trees are beginning to lose their blossoms, so I thought I had better shoot them first. I'm also playing around with some actions, so the blue in one of the images is a result of my if you couldn't figure that out!

I think tomorrow I'll shoot azaleas. Stay tuned...