Saturday, January 31, 2009

Company's Coming!

Since I found out that Tom's friend, Butch, is coming to visit for a day or two, I've been trying to clean the downstairs bedroom. The mess started when we began the kitchen project in October. Everything in the cabinets had to be removed and put somewhere. In the beginning, dishes, glasses, etc. were in the dining room, living room, bathroom, and the downstairs bedroom. As the holidays approached, the bedroom quickly became the dumping ground for those treasured items that I had to think about what to do with them. I really did try my best to put the stuff that I took out of the old cabinets back into the new cabinets. But there was still a lot of purging and decision-making to take place. When it comes to throwing things out, or even giving them away, I avoid it. I always think I'm going to need that Tupperware bowl that has no lid and is discolored from God knows what.

So when I found out that Butch was coming, I had to get busy. This morning I woke up, ate a donut, drank a coke and jumped right in. As I was dusting, I started rearranging. I took everything off the shelf over the bed, dusted it, and was just about to put a few things back on it when I spotted the green apples that I had used in a bowl last summer. Not real, the Target kind. As I was arranging them Tom came in and gave me the idea to take a picture of it. I needed the break, so I grabbed the camera and started shooting. Here is the first one.

I lightened this one. I think I like it darker.

Then I cropped this one. I could use it as a banner for my blog or maybe some cards.

On the blog one day, Etsy the next. I love to clean.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beach Letters

I've been working on a new project for the next art show. I "borrowed" the idea from a company that does the same thing except they use architecture for letters and the images are in black and white. Mine will be in color and I will use images from the beach for my letters. That's the challenge. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This was the first one. Obvious. Stay with me.
After the idea hit, I began looking through a zillion folders filled with images I have taken over the past ten years or so. It's kinda like, "where's Waldo?" except it's "where's the B?" I have looked at palm trees, rocks, piers, signs, benches, umbrellas, cottages, and even sand.

This one popped out of nowhere. It's not as obvious, but you can still figure it out.

Just in case you didn't get it, it's an i.

The last one for this post was cropped from an image I took at the gulf. It's also obvious. These were the easy ones.

This is what they will look like after they are matted and framed.

Again, for those of you who are beach letter challenged, it's a t, o, m. Get it?

So to sum this up, I have found the following letters: t,o,m,h,i,and p. It's apparent that I need your help. The next time you go to the beach, preferably Myrtle Beach, please find the following letters: a,b,c,d...Take a picture and email it to me. I'll give you ten percent of my sales. Trust me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Dear Mary,

Although you NEVER read my blog, I thought I would post one just for you anyway! I need to let it go even though I spend HOURS writing these for the pleasure of my friends and family. But enough about me, it's your day. So here goes.

Remember this shot? I know that I made this card for you several years ago, but I think it's time that I share it with everyone...even your children.

I though you might enjoy this image of the three of us in my backyard getting a "base" tan before going to the beach to work for the summer. Gotta love that iodine and baby oil.
Where was Barbara? Probably studying.

Here's the picture compliments of Connie Tatum of all of us in front of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. For the benefit of others who are reading this, you are on the top right.

Finally, the New York trip in May. Can't beat the bargains on Canal Street.

Then there was the Red Bus tour.

And finally, THE group shot. I know, I know it's blurry, but it kinda looks like that filter they used in those Doris Day movies and television shows. Next time, I'll use the auto focus.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Now will you please read it more than once a year? Have a wonderful birthday!



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Some of you may not know this, but I went to the inauguration. I've got photgraphs to prove it. Getting that press pass last month really helped me gain access to the White House and the podium at the Capitol. President Obama and former President Bush moved fast so many of my images are blurred. Please be patient.

It started earlier today at the White House. They wouldn't allow me to take shots inside the White House, so I had to wait until they exited.

Then they entered the limos. I was standing next to the car but I couldn't get a shot inside the vehicle.I must have waited for an hour to get this shot.

The next two shots were kind of tricky. I have a friend who was willing to share her motorcyle, so I hopped on and off we went to Pennsylvania Avenue.

I had to climb a tree for this one.

Here President Elect Obama is entering the Capitol. I would have gotten a better shot if he had posed just once for me.

As you know, there were many dignitaries who attended the swearing in ceremony. Here's a good shot. Can't you just feel the love?

Taking the oath.

In prayer.


Now I need to come clean.

I took these shots from my television. Many of the images were borrowed from ABC. I also switched to several stations.

I couldn't understand what these people were saying, even after three years of spanish!

I have lots more images, but I don't want to bore you. Also, I have probably broken many laws regarding plagiarism. I'll finish with one final shot...kind of a double exposure.

Good luck, President Obama!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ready for business! I just finished the grueling task of setting up a shop at Etsy. This is an on-line shop for finding unique hand-crafted items. There are zillions of shops that make and sell absolutely anything you can think of.

The hardest part in starting this project was finding and cropping a banner to fit their speculations. When you see my banner you'll see that it's very thin. That can be a problem if you want to show the beach, the ocean, and the sky. No can do. I did the best I could. Hope you like it.

Then I had to make a decision on what to sell. Janie, my sister, has pounded in my head that I should sell notecards with personal images on them. She says I don't listen to her, but how many blogs have I mentioned that SHE said this or that? Lots. Anyway, I took her brillant suggestion and posted an example card that I have shown in two of my blogs. I love that image. Initially I listed the card as a Vintage Notecard. So when anyone goes to my shop they will see the card. The problem is that if they don't spend the time to read the description, they won't get it! I don't want them to buy the card that is listed, I want them to email me their photograph to be printed on the cards. This was a quandaryment (my word). After much thought and deliberation I decided to put a Your in front of Vintage Notecards. Maybe that will entice shoppers to read the description. We'll see. (Etsy told me that the change might not be up for 24 hours.)

Below is the image I took right after I listed the notecard. It's not very clear, but you get the idea. This page is called "nmccorklephotography's shop."

After a shopper enters my shop, hopefully, he/she will click on the item. It this case, it's the notecard. Then it goes to another page with a larger image and the description.
My plan is to put lots of matted 8X10's and several framed images in my shop. They will remain there for four months. If you want to see my shop, and I hope you will, please go to I would love to read your comments. Any help is appreciated.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Not Black and White, It's Fog!

The fog was really thick the other day when I took these pictures. In the first one you can sort of see a red haze in the lower left-hand corner. Bet you're wondering what's up with that. Unless you live in my neighborhood you would never guess. It's a Walgreen's! Yep, right in our backyard. We are some kind of lucky- just a hop, skip, and a jump to the Advil! Fortunately, it's not open 24 hours.
I played with this one a little...worked on the shadows and highlights.

This was taken from the front yard. It looks like we live in the mountains, but it's the fog playing tricks and maybe a little tweaking with the composition.

I did saturate the color on the next one. I wanted to see if I could get the green in the pine trees to appear. It did. Finally.

The lesson learned here is this: on foggy days you can forget about color. You can get great black and white shots without desaturating. Good to know.