Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to Bluffton

To get ready for my next photography class, I started going through old images searching for those that got lost in the "art show" confusion. When I choose images for shows, I select images that I think would appeal to the general public. I guess I didn't think these would be popular, so they didn't make the cut.

This image was obviously ignored because of the exposure. Way too dark. I know with Photoshop that this image could be lightened but I guess I wasn't that interested in "messing with it." It was a cloudy day in Bluffton, South Carolina, but that didn't stop me from taking hundreds of pictures.
After brightening the image, I could actually see the moss and ivy as it twisted around the old oak tree. The image still looks dull.
Still determined to save this image, I used a technique using layers, curves and finally filters. It is amazing what Photoshop can do.

Here it is in black and white, but I like the color image better.

So before class begins on April 27th, I'll be searching my files for forgotten images. I think I'm finished with trees. Wonder what's next?