Friday, October 12, 2012

The Wall, part 2

As you can already tell, it takes me a long time to complete a project. This is going to take forever because I've got lots of other things going on that are more, might I say, pressing. But I will make every effort to proceed in a timely fashion because I would really like to have this completed by, dare I say, Christmas. I hate deadlines, but sometimes they are necessary, and in this case, THEY ARE NECESSARY. 

So now I have the blank wall that needs to be painted. But I'm not going to do it yet because I will have a million holes in the wall to fix when this project is completed. Makes sense. 

Planning is important to me when I hang a picture. I'm afraid that I will do what I have always done, and that is, make several nail holes. This time, I'm on top of it. I printed out a grid (Microsoft table insert) of the wall, measured the pictures that I plan to hang, cut out their pattern, and placed them on the grid with tape. I'm not sure how this is going to work, or IF It's going to work.'s the grid with several patterns placed on it. 

Now I just have to find my hammer. That could take days...