Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beach Letters

I've been working on a new project for the next art show. I "borrowed" the idea from a company that does the same thing except they use architecture for letters and the images are in black and white. Mine will be in color and I will use images from the beach for my letters. That's the challenge. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This was the first one. Obvious. Stay with me.
After the idea hit, I began looking through a zillion folders filled with images I have taken over the past ten years or so. It's kinda like, "where's Waldo?" except it's "where's the B?" I have looked at palm trees, rocks, piers, signs, benches, umbrellas, cottages, and even sand.

This one popped out of nowhere. It's not as obvious, but you can still figure it out.

Just in case you didn't get it, it's an i.

The last one for this post was cropped from an image I took at the gulf. It's also obvious. These were the easy ones.

This is what they will look like after they are matted and framed.

Again, for those of you who are beach letter challenged, it's a t, o, m. Get it?

So to sum this up, I have found the following letters: t,o,m,h,i,and p. It's apparent that I need your help. The next time you go to the beach, preferably Myrtle Beach, please find the following letters: a,b,c,d...Take a picture and email it to me. I'll give you ten percent of my sales. Trust me.


Tiedupmemories said...

OOOh I like the incentive of finding those beach letters!Lol! You are a hoot!I'll be on the look out...could possibly be going to some sort of a beach for spring break. Anyways....You know I love these!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! As you know, I will be going to MB, now I have another job to do there. Hey, I need that %!


Anonymous said...

The little people sometimes have a difficult time with letters especially spelling. An alternative to your suggestion is to provide the image within the text itself. This will help us who spell Kat or is it Cat????? I tried to include an example but couldn't paste it here (sent email).......I am sure you already thought of this and discarded it for obvious reasons but wanted to reply somehow to tell you that I enjoy your blog.

Another Tom

debra said...

I LOVE IT...always wanted the girls names done in letters like that...