Friday, September 19, 2008

Wouldn't You Just Know It

This is SOS week at North Myrtle Beach. I'll explain SOS in a later email, but today I've got to show you what happened to us the day after we arrived. I had great intentions: walk on the beach getting that badly needed exercise, get some sun at the pool, and just look at the ocean from our condo. HA! Here's a picture of our view taken on Wednesday after we checked in. As you can see, we don't exactly have an ocean view. They call it "side view." Yea, side view if you lean over the balcony while someone is hanging on to you. But this is the good part.

The next morning, after my coke and bagel, I put on my shorts and tennis shoes to get ready for my big walk on the beach. Before I got my iPod and water, I decided to investigate the situation, so I walked to the beach, and this is what I saw.
And then it came closer.

And even closer.

It wasn't looking good for walking on the beach, I hung around and watched the action. This is called a crab. It checks the bottom of the ocean for holes. That's what they told us. Here's more.

If you look in the upper left of the image, you will sand and water gushing. They, the Army Corps of Engineers, were pipeing sand from the ocean to the beach, and they had to do it during this week! Here's more.

There were lots of these little machines...looked like backhoes, but I don't know machinery. Here he comes again.

By the Thursday afternoon, they were moving down the beach. They started stacking the pipes right next to our condo.

This is the final shot. This morning, Friday, one long pipe was still in place, I guess it's transporting sand down the beach. I've lost interest.

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