Friday, September 26, 2008

S.O.S., Saturday afternoon

Every spring and fall, Tom and I go to O.D. (North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) for S.O.S. This year was special for Tom because it was his twenty-fifth anniversary of deejaying for this event. Pam, H.Lee, Maria, and Steven were "the planning committee" for this occasion and we have so much to thank them for. Basically, this was Tom's day and this blog is all about him. I'm importing 18 images that include our friends and especially, "the folks between the posts." These are the loyal followers of not only Tom, but of his music.

On Saturday afternoon when he deejays, he always passes out "backstage passes" with the tour's name on it. In several of the shots you will see people with the passes around their necks. This year's tour was, "Playing What You Need to Hear, Not What You Want To Hear." He doesn't take requests or do special dances, i.e. birthday or anniversaries. Like the backstage passes say, he plays what folks need to hear and he doesn't think they need to hear The Electric Slide. He plays three afternoons from 3 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.

At around 6:00, the manager of the pavilion, H.Lee, told him to stop the music and come to the dance floor. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. He joined "the folks between the posts," not knowing what was about to occur. The spokesman for the ceremony was Milton, the second in command of "the folks between the posts." That's just the way it is.
I have no idea of what he was saying because I was several feet away. There was no way they could have gotten these people to get quiet. Remember they have been in a party mode for several hours, if you know what I mean. It looks like Milton must have said something funny judging by Kim's (the guy with the white tee shirt, who by the way, drove four hours Saturday morning to be there for the presentation) expression. In the picture above, behind Milton's left shoulder, is Billie and to her left is Linda Gray, Charles' sister-in-law. Directly behind them is Joe, a newcomber to the tribe.

In the picture below, Milton is reading the inscription on a plaque that "the folks between the posts" gave him. H. Lee is standing next to him, holding the plaque. The words on the plaque were, "Thanks for 25 years of boogie woogie music." Wonder what Tom's thinking?

Next, H.Lee made his presentation in which he and his wife, Pam, presented him with one of his anniversary tee shirts framed with two photographs.

This presentation was followed by Tom trying his best to hold back the tears. He was so surprised and humbled by the whole ceremony.

This shot is of Charles, the leader of the tribe, giving some kind words to Tom. Through the years they have become close friends. Charles has been such a support to Tom and always knows the right thing to say.

Again, Tom and Charles.

Pictured below are Linda Carol on the left and Cathy Jane on the right. I have no clue who the woman is in the center. Both women are the the Hall of Fame, and are such southern ladies. I guess you could tell that they're from the south by their names, Linda Carol and Cathy Jane. Cathy Jane's sister is Linda Gray. It goes on and on.

Steven (a.k.a. Stevie) and Maria were "the planning committee." Maria hung banners and balloons and I have no idea of what Steven did. I guess he did what Maria told him to.

We share a condo with Freck and Sylvia each S.O.S. Both Freck and Sylvia are in the Hall of Fame. Great dancers, wonderful friends.

This is Phyllis and her friend Skip. Phyllis, another Hall of Famer, has been a supporter for years. Skip, although a local, is a newcomer to the group. I have to say that Phyllis has the MOST SOUTHERN accent that I have ever heard. She can put at least two syllables in the words "help" or "at". Really, it's a gift.

Maria and Sylvia just lookin' good. They shamed me into wearing lipstick.

Tom and Rosie. What a doll. Sweet to the bone.

Freck, Sylvia's husband, took this shot. Not bad. That's me in my new orange sweater.

Hanging around the outside of the pavilion were these two. On the left is Steve and on the right is Butch. Both are deejays at Duck's. Ain't they somethin'?

Pam and H. Lee joined Tom in the deejay booth for one final shot. One big happy family. Can't wait until spring.

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