Monday, September 8, 2008

My New York City Adventure: Part 2, The Hudson Swing Affair

Tom usually deejays for the shag crowd in South Carolina. This was different. The dancers at this event were mostly swing dancers, west coast, east coast, lindy, and a little shag. From what I've observed while watching swing dancers is that they LOVE to dance. They dance to lots of different kinds of music; but they really like it fast. Tom loves rhythm and blues, and sometimes throws in a little Motown...that's what I like.

Friday night he played in the Manhattan Ballroom, located on the top floor of the hotel. There is a balcony at the rear of the room that overlooks the New York City skyline. Here's Tom during one of his breaks Friday night. The tall building over Tom's right shoulder is the Empire State Building. Don't worry, I took much better shots that I will show you in later posts.

During these events there are usually workshops where various instructors teach steps and techniques. A couple from North Myrtle Beach, Jackie and Charley, were there to dance and to teach their workshops, Carolina Shag Footwork and Carolina Shag For Everyone. Here's Tom and Charley during another break.

Saturday night was the Black and White Ball. This was a dressier affair where most everyone wore, you guessed it, black or white,or black and white. It's a good thing it was before Labor Day, because everyone knows we don't wear white after Labor Day, or do we? It was lots of fun and the best part was that they loved Tom's music and most everyone danced to every song!

After the show that included a burlesque star and a comedian, Tom and I went to the lobby to meet my family. My niece Nancy (from Connecticut) and her friend Bill met us in New York for a quick visit. Nancy is a swing dancer, but didn't get the the hotel in time to attend the ball. We were all tired from the long day. Janie and Dennis went to Ellis Island, Jennifer worked on her school plans and, of course, Tom and I were at the event.

In this shot we are catching up and relaxing before we start out again tomorrow. Tom is going with me to shoot the Brooklyn Bridge, but before that a HUGE surprise. Check it out tomorrow. HINT: Not everyone in the hotel was there for the swing event. Hummmmm

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