Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twenty Days and Counting

Another high school reunion is fast approaching. Conversations are often the same, "So Nancy, what have you been up to?," they will ask. With that in mind, I started thinking about what I've accomplished in the past five years. So here's what I've come up with in no particular order: become seriously interested in photography ("When does a hobby become an obsession?," my sister asks. "When I spend $600. on a lens," I answer.), joined Facebook, taken three photography classes at the Showcase School, taken four on-line photography classes at Kennesaw State, started volunteering at my local elementary school and stopped, spent over four hours hanging out under the Brooklyn Bridge taking hundreds of images while my hungry husband waited patiently... God, I love him,

worked as an extra in a television show (Drop Dead Diva), started writing this blog, spent two weeks traveling around Provence with my sister and brother-in-law,

figured out how to download songs according to the beat onto my iPod for walking, started an on-line shop on Etsy, done several art shows, planted lavender that actually lived, painted our front staircase in black and white, designed my own web page (in html no less...okay, I'm bragging), went to the Oprah Show in the middle of winter and got Gore's DVD instead of a car :(, went to NYC on a girl's trip with my three of my long-time friends, lost two friends to cancer, saw the Chihuly exhibit at both the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the New York Botanical Gardens,

visited my niece's fourth grade class in Brooklyn and almost killed one student, joined a Bible study at church...still with it, started taking YOGA classes...absolutely HATE the plank pose, began a life-long study of Photoshop, really, and bought my first pair of Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers in RED!

That just about sums up my life for the past five years. I'm ready for the reunion. So tell me, what have you been up to?


FiddlerJim said...

... not a bad listing. I like the one as an extra in a TV show. That would probably be fun.

And your pictures 'aren't bad' -- don't you love that damning with faint praise... especially since your photos are professional quality!

I finally decided to go to the reunion -- assuming 'they' let me in.... We'll see - so far I can't find any online info... but I've contacted Toni.

Of course I'll go whether I'm actually allowed or not. I'll just bring my drum and... well, OK, I won't sit outside and pound - that will be rude, er, I mean that 'would' be good - can't be 'will' unless I was going to actually do it...


Looking forward to saying 'Hidey Ho' in a couple of weeks. Stay well.


P.S. Hopefully, Frank Cummings will be at the reunion, but he told me a couple of weeks ago that he had a bypass operation around Memorial Day and was waiting for his doctor's OK before he could travel. I promised that I would let good people know and that I/ we/ they would send him reports if he couldn't make it. With your ability to write and make 'pretty' pictures, please consider yourself drafted to help.... Of course, it's easy to dodge this draft if you can't do it....

P.P.S. Gads, but I do go on....

Rachel Weston said...

You kill me! I don't kow what the plank pose is in YOGA but I would love to witness you doing it!