Wednesday, July 2, 2008

tell him to wear a red shirt and a white tie....

I wasn't going to post another blog until after the 4th, but a conversation that I just had with my mother-in-law made me change my mind.

She called this morning at 8:30 asking about our plans for this weekend. She knew we were going to the beach because my husband,Tom is deejaying at the pavilion. I was wondering why she was asking such specific questions...i.e. when is he playing, where is he playing, will George (my stepson) be dancing (that's the most important question) and are tickets required. To our surprise, she is planning to drive to the beach with a friend..the friend will drive, of course, because Mattie, my mother-in-law is 85 and doesn't really see that well. It's not the age that concerns me about the driving, it's the vision, or lack of. After I answered her questions to her satisfaction, we hung up and I'm sure she started making plans.

About ONE minute later she called back to tell me something that she forgot to tell me during our previous conversation. It seems that she saw a man on television last night who was wearing a red shirt with a white tie. I didn't ask if it was a satin shirt or a bow tie, I just envisioned shiny. She told me to tell Tom that he should wear the same thing at the beach while he is deejaying (in humid, 90 degree heat, I might add). I told her that if I told Tom that she wanted him to wear a red shirt with a white tie, he would have her locked up! She laughed...thank goodness. Now where do you suppose she saw a man with a red shirt and a white tie? Are they showing reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show with Myron Florin playing the accordion? God love her.


Penny Gail Ginger said...

Ok, I can hear Mattie now - where in the world did she get this idea of a red shirt and white tie?
Bless her heart-we know she means well-can't believe she is coming to the beach on the 4th - that is going to be too funny but we all know how she feels about her grandson, George-maybe she will buy the red shirt & tie for him to dance in. One never knows.

Michael said...

I can't believe that you remember (or even admit remembering) The Lawrence Welk Show and that Myron Floren played the accordion. You must be catching up with me in years (and have a much better memory)!