Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jackie Sue

Talk about back in the day....this was really back in the day. In case you don't know my cousin Jackie Sue, she is the one without the shirt, standing next to Ricky B. who is balancing on a tricycle...wonder what kid he knocked over to get it, or from who's yard did he steal it? To her left is cousin Kay and I am the one who is overdressed sitting on the step. Looks like they were playing dress-up and I didn't get the memo. Kay must have been a prom queen and Jackie, Wonder Woman or Super Girl?

Today is Jackie's birthday. I remember celebrating her birthday with a cook-out at Ritter Park where her mother and father grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. We had a blast! Remember the hot ice? What was that about?

Have a great birthday, Jackie Sue!


Michael said...

I had forgotten how cute you were (and probably still are). Hope that Connie and I get to see you and your much acclaimed photography soon. Where do you set up your "tent"?
Take care, keep at it, and think about hiring Penny!

Penny Gail Ginger said...

What a hoot this picture is - Nancy
the only one in a dress. Who is the other little girl to the right of Nancy? I thought it might be me for a minute. Ha! ha!
I'm guessing that's Mike Tatum talking here-I feel sure Nancy will pass on hiring me, don't you think?

Gloria said...

Your pictures are great! I love every one I have seen. Please post more!!!Gloria