Monday, August 26, 2013

The Wall, part 3- The hanging begins...

Okay, so maybe a year or two have passed since I began this project. I have tons of excuses...things get in my way and other projects seem jump to the front of the line. I've discovered that putting this project on a list of things "to do," or establishing another deadline just doesn't work. So here's what I do. 

I hang one or two and stare and think. Then I wait another month or two and hang another one and stare and think. That's my pattern. 

This process could drive some people crazy. My husband has given up. The external pressure doesn't affect my process. It takes time, and patience. 

I was a Campfire Girl. One part of the oath was, "to finish what I've begun." It will get done.  

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Holly {CookClickDanceBaby} said...

OhhhhEmmmGeeee! Go Fancy Nancy!
It's a good day.