Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4, 2009

It was early in the morning when I took this shot. I wanted to get to the beach before the crowds started to descend, but it didn't exactly work out like I never does. When I arrived the walkers were already there. By now I've learned how to play "cat and mouse" and I play it with a lot of patience. In most of my shots, I wait for a gap and then quickly take the picture. In the image below, I gave up and took it with the walkers. I was trying to capture the feeling of peace and quiet on the beach in the morning.

Then four hours later, look what happened to that peace and quiet! I took this shot through the window of our hotel. That explains the reflection on the left of the image and the blue tint.
I wanted to get a closer look, so I thought I would just mosey on down there and mingle among the crowds. Here are upclose and personal images of the masses. As I was enhancing the images, I found this filter. Gotta love Photoshop! This image was taken facing west. In case you were worrying, since this is a public place (beach), I didn't have to get signed releases. Hah, as if.

This image was taken facing north.
Facing north again.

This image was much clearer when I downloaded it, but I just wanted to try some funky stuff. I am liking funky.

I could have taken some really humorous shots, but it was around five in the afternoon and most of these folks were deep into the grape, so I didn't try it. I'm not that sneeky. Maybe if I wore a press pass they would think I was official. There's always next year.


Tiedupmemories said...

How cool! Love those shots!!I can't wait to go to the beach!!!

Jim FitzPatrick said...

Nice work with the crowd shots. I sometimes take pictures with the camera more or less dangling at my waist and the twisty screen thingee turned up. It looks as if I'm just walking around. Heh! So far I've never been yelled at or chased for it! Not yet anyway....

dogsticksandfeathers said...

OMG..........loved them!
Waaaaaa.......I miss the beach!
I love the in and out fence
affect, and the fact that
there were people........way
out there was cool too, even
if you didn't want them in
the shot.
Very nice Little Mac!!!!!