Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Down, Two To Go

For the past five weeks, I have been taking a class on line called, "Creating Web Pages I." This seems to insinuate that there is a "Creating Web Pages II." Whether I dare to take the advanced class depends upon whether or not I pass this one. There are two more lessons to go. They come to me from never, never land. I know the name of the teacher, but his whereabouts are unknown...an undisclosed location.

I won't bore you with the vast knowledge that I have absorbed. All the tabs, titles, jpeg, gif, html stuff, quotation marks and spaces have driven me to distraction. In order to maintain some sort of sanity, I go to my fun place...photoshop. I could spend hours there, but there are things I must do instead. I need a maid and a cook. I need them now.

Here are two images that I played with today. The first one is sooooo boring. You can tell I didn't do any enhancements. I guess I could "pop" the color and deal with the shadows, but I'll save that for later.

Next I changed the image to black and white and did a little manipulation, or two...or three.

All of this playing around was a pleasant break from web world. Tomorrow, another lesson will appear and the stress will return. It won't last long. Only one more week and then the final. Help me Rhonda!


Tiedupmemories said...

I love both the photos!You WebMaster you!You are not going to believe this but I signed up with another shop! It's called ArtFire! It's a great deal you hpuld check it out.They are running a special deal $7 dollars a month no other fees, list as much as you want and many more benefits!I'm going to try it. You can back out any time!I'l be posting it on my blog sooner or later.I'm not set up on it yet.

debra said...

online classes.....YAWN!
you are the woman!
I just like lookin at your work ...keep it comin!